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  • Ancient Herculaneum
  • Decumanus Maximus

    Decumanus Maximus

    The archaeological remains of the ancient town of Herculaneum are remarkable and unique. They give us an idea of the kind of life that ancient people used to live before the Vesuvius covered the entire city under a thick layer of volcanic material. Herculaneum was a well known resort town where wealthy Romans used to spend their holidays and enjoyed meeting friends and acquaitances to discuss about philosophy and other matters. The remains are spectacular and they offer a unique opportunity to walk along streets that were always bustling with people more than two thousand years ago. We can visit the Thermal Spas of the Forum, a few refined dwellings, the Shrine of the Augustals, the Decumanus Maximus, a few shops and we will see marble reliefs, mosaics, frescoes and carbonised timber which is still in good conditions. This enchanting old city will amaze even the more skeptical traveller who will experience a journey into the past.

  • The tour lasts 2 hours


  • Ancient Pompeii
  • WP_002697
  • The ancient buried town of Pompei is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Its villas, shops, theaters, streets and markets are always enchanting customers. Walking through its excavations is a unique experience, a journey back in time. We will be visiting the Forum, the basilica and the most important public buildings including thermal spas and the famous Lupanare (the brothel) with its erotic paintings still decorating the small rooms where services were offered.
  • The tour lasts 2 hours




  • Ancient Stabiae
  • The ancient town of Stabiae is still covered under a thick layer of ash and pumice stones but its villas have been brought to light recently. Among the most famous dwellings there are villa San Marco and villa Arianna which are located up on a promontory facing the area of the ancient shoreline. Mosaics, frescoes and grandiose architectures are still visible today.
  • The tour lasts two hours.
  • Oplontis
  • oplontis
  • Considered to be a suburb of Pompei, the ancient are of Oplontis was the ideal location for gorgous villas built on a promontory by the sea. Excavations of the area are still under progress and a few villas were recognized. Among those, the spectacular Poppea’s dwelling is the only one open to the public for visits. Located in the centre of Torre Annunziata town the archaeological site of Oplontis, an extraordinary example of vacation villa of the past, is close to the Circumvesuviana train station.
  • The tour lasts 1 hour

Other archaeological tours:


  • Ancient Naples
  • Historic Naples
  • Roman Naples
  • Renaissance Naples
  • Gothic Naples
  • Baroque Naples




  • Visiting markets
  • Shopping streets




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